ActivAll for SEN provision?

ActivAll, an innovative and inclusive tool for SEN provision, each exercise involves playing a game, and the player receives a score based on their performance. This ‘gamification’ motivates users to keep going, or to have another go. Consequently, exercise is much easier and more enjoyable.

Combining movement, action, coordination, and problem-solving, the ActivAll combats apathy and engages even the most reluctant of users. In 2018 ActivAll was accredited with the Inclusive Fitness Initiative mark.

Encourages communication and improves personal development

Improves concentration, focus, and behaviour

Strengthens cognitive skills and improves mental health

Tackles obesity and improves fitness

Chris Wilson - SEN School Headteacher

Queensbury School – Headteacher Chris Wilson has already seen a big difference in the personal development of the students at Queensbury.

ActivAll at the Surrey Para-games with Rachel Morris MBE

ActivAll took part in the sixth annual Surrey Para Games in 2019 after being invited by Paralympic champion Rachel Morris (MBE). The aim of the games is to encourage the inclusion of all children in school sports, no matter what their mental and physical ability.

Andy Mitchell - Primary School PE Lead

ActivAll visited Pleasant Street Primary School in Liverpool, PE Lead – Andy Mitchell loved the increased fitness of the children during playtimes and the children got more involved and participated in teamwork which is a great benefit to everyone in the school.

Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College

A pair of ActivAll's were installed at Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College in Slough, Berkshire. Since then staff and students have been using the twin interactive wall panels to create challenges, games, and exercise routines for their students.