The Fund

The Learn-2-Live Well Fund is a Cambridgeshire County Council funded programme to address childhood obesity. The fund will be open to all Cambridgeshire state schools (so this would include government funded academies as well as local authority maintained primary schools) to apply to fund a project.

The aim of the fund is to support schools to develop a whole-school approach to the promotion, education, and improvement of healthy eating and physical activity. Cambridgeshire primary schools are invited to apply to Living Sport to fund a project that will facilitate pupils and the wider school community to develop a healthier lifestyle through targeted interventions based at the school. The fund will welcome innovative and creative project approaches that best support your school in improving childhood obesity. If your school would like to apply and requires support with a project idea, there will be a selection of existing physical activity and healthy eating offers that you could choose, including the use of ActivAll Fitness Boards.

ActivAll Fitness Boards are an engaging and interactive tool designed to promote physical activity and improve coordination, strength, and agility in children. These boards can be easily integrated into school physical education programs and can be used during breaks, PE lessons, or even in classroom settings to encourage movement and active learning. By incorporating ActivAll Fitness Boards into your project, you can offer a dynamic and enjoyable way for pupils to increase their daily physical activity and improve their overall fitness levels.

When we estabished what your requirement are we will submitted your application to Learn 2 Live Well .

Why should you apply?

Engagement in greater physical activity and healthy eating provision can provide a number of positive outcomes, including:

Providing evidence towards the Healthy Schools rating.

Encouraging the whole school to proactively promote a healthier lifestyle.

Supporting the wider school to understand the importance of physical activity and healthy eating.

Contributing to the development of pupils' physical literacy.

Supporting pupils and families with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Supporting pupils and families with their physical and mental wellbeing.


Schools applying to the fund must be a Cambridgeshire primary state school (so this would include government-funded academies as well as local authority maintained primary schools).

Your project must focus on supporting pupils to improve physical activity and healthy eating.

The proposed project delivery is expected to last a minimum of a school term.

We anticipate that grants funded will be up to £10k.

Successful schools will be expected to take part in the evaluation of their project, with Living Sport providing support for this.

The funding window will be open until the 19th July 2024; we would encourage you to apply sooner if your application is ready.