ActivAll Wall Pro

ActivAll is the fantastic portrait hi-impact reaction wall, designed for fitness, health, and fun. Combines movement, action, coordination, and problem-solving, ActivAll is acknowledged as a unique inclusive fitness tool, giving everyone access to exercise regardless of ability, age, or fitness.

✅ Suitable for all ages, abilities, and fitness
✅ 5 core programs and multiplayer programs
✅ 2.3 m wingspan drives lateral movement and tests peripheral vision
✅ Engages multiple muscle groups
✅ Improves hand-eye coordination
✅ Motivates challengers to beat their score
✅ Use with hands, gloves, balls…you decide!
✅ 6 core programs with over 100 user adjustable variations*
✅ Easy to clean
✅ Quick and easy to install
✅ Customisable




Excite. Challenge. Measure.
The ActivAll Pro combines a serious workout with high-intensity game play and will add a striking new dimension to your gym or performance centre. Use for HIIT, reaction and cognitive training as well as balance, speed and stamina – and track it all on the 22” touch-screen. Perfect for any user to see clear improvements and track performance.

Visually Striking
The eye-catching presence of the ActivAll Pro draws users in and the compelling built-in game programs and leaderboards ensure they keep returning for more.

Elite Activity Redefined
Push every user to their limit, or work on a specific element. For individual use, as part of a group circuit or direct 1-on-1 competition.

Social Stimulus
Ideal for social events, intra-club competitions and member engagement via social media.